Social Innovation: changing contexts and open challenges. Four workshops

The Social Innovation workshop series, promoted by Avanzi, HUB Milano, Make a Change, City Monitor, Societing, Centro Ricerche IED, Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca and INDACO Politecnico di Milano, has the objective to contribute to the debate about the transformative potential of social innovation vis-à-vis the changing political and economic contexts in Italy and in Europe, by discussing four themes at the forefront of research and practice on this theme.
In particular, the series will focus around a possible working definition of social innovation, given the diversity of current theoretical approaches and emerging practices; on a reflection upon the entrepreneurship dimension and its relationships with the regulatory framework; on a cross-European comparison of different practices and actors, and finally on the scale of these phenomena, exploring the tension between global and local dimension.
The workshop series will be based on the exchange between researchers and practitioners, with the aim of accumulating knowledge and proposing a final output document, to be further discussed in a subsequent moment with relevant policy makers at local and regional level.

Programme: 121102 _Social Innovation Workshops