Are you interested in doing a three-year PhD study within the broad topic of ‘Contested Cities’ with a focus on Latin America?

The University of Leeds is offering research scholarships to start a PhD in September 2014 in any topic. In the School of Geography at Leeds we have an international research project on Contested Cities ( that you would join which would provide extra funding to do up to 12 months fieldwork in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico or Chile).
You need to be UK or EU citizen, have an excellent educational background and proficiency in English and Spanish or Portuguese.
See more information and the eligibility criteria here:
DEADLINE 30th of April

Possible topics that we would be interested in are:
Housing crisis and struggles
Gentrification and urban displacement
Retail /commercial gentrification
Mega urban projects (Olympic games, World Cup, etc.)
Comparative urban research
Urban policy and contestation mobilities
Urban social movements

Send enquiries to Sara Gonzalez: