Australian Research Council Linkage Project – Creating the Bilbao Effect: The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) and the Social and Cultural Coordinates of Urban Regeneration Through Arts Tourism ($32,892pa tax-free)

MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) has been described as the most important cultural event in recent Australian history since the opening of the Sydney Opera House. It has achieved international recognition not only for its astonishing innovation in generating new ways in which art can be experienced but also in generating the kind of economic benefits that create a platform for significant and sustainable urban regeneration and tourism. This project is dedicated to discovering how these impacts and effects happened and how they can be capitalized on and grown.

We are seeking to recruit a PhD student to this high profile and exciting new project with an academic background from cultural studies, tourist studies, sociology, social anthropology, human geography, urban studies, regional studies and others, with interests in cultural tourism, art tourism, cultural policy, cultural and creative industries and tourism theory. They will be based in Faculty of Arts at the University of Tasmania with excellent access to MONA and key tourism organisations and sites. They will join a team of two other PhDs and one Research Associate attached to the project.  Here is an opportunity to conduct research within a major Australian Research Council Linkage Project with enthusiastic industry partners.

You will work with mostly with Prof Adrian Franklin on the nature of tourism to MONA and its impact on the wider tourism field. We are as much interested in understanding the way in which tourists engage with MONA and its various arts and music activities as well as how its new practices and innovations might have applications in other domains of tourism such as nature tourism or heritage tourism

The project is led by Prof. Adrian Franklin (University of Tasmania) with fellow Chief Investigators Prof. Justin O’Connor (Monash University) and Prof. Nikos Papastergiadis (University of Melbourne). Industry partners are MONA itself, Hobart City Council, Glenorchy City Council and the Tasmanian Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Arts.


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