Whose culture for the creative city? a lecture by Andy Pratt: June, 18th La Triennale, Milano 17:00-19:00

Whose culture for the creative city?
Andy Pratt (City University London)

Filippo Del Corno (Assessore alla cultura, Comune di Milano)
Marianna d’Ovidio (University of Milano-Bicocca)
Gabi Scardi (Iulm)
Alberto Vanolo (University of Turin)

This lecture is concerned with both what creative cities are imagined to be, as well as what they actually are. This is a challenge for policy makers. Overall, I will seeks to create a platform for a more nuanced and subtle approach to creativity, culture and cities: one that is situated and not universal. I seek to map out an approach that is concerned not simply with the growth possibilities, but also redistributive strategies. In so doing I will question whether can we can conceive of creative cities as a truly progressive field of policy and  practice, in direct contrast to what we judge to be the socially regressive form they take at present.

June, the 18th @ La Triennale, via Alemagna 6, MILANO