The Graffiti Sessions: The Art and Justice of Sociable Cities

The Graffiti Sessions: The Art and Justice of Sociable Cities

Three-day public conference hosted by UCL, Central Saint Martins and The Southbank Centre

3-4-5 December, London

Questioning value, creativity and control in relation to street art and graffiti

The Graffiti Sessions comprises a three-day series of talks, workshops and panel debates exploring the evolving roles of graffiti and street art in the urban environment. The ambition is to challenge deep-rooted preconceptions that have until now limited the progress of both policy and practice related to street art and graffiti. Bringing together key institutions and individuals, the project will establish an open and sustainable discussion forum for the exchange of a broad scope of viewpoints and positions on street art and graffiti, and for the evaluation of their impacts on the quality of life for urban communities.

The Graffiti Sessions will bring together artists, writers, community members, urban managers, authorities, academics, policy makers, and more, through public events involving presentations, discussions and targeted workshops with some of the most relevant national and international experts in the field. The event will work towards innovations in policy, strategy and practice surrounding graffiti and street art management.

The event is structured thematically over the three days: Day 1: The Illegal Sessions; Day 2: The Legal Sessions; Day 3: A Call to Action. Full programme will be released soon, and there will be opportunities to get involved with workshop activities throughout the conference.

Registration is now open:

Follow the conference website and twitter @graffsessions for updates.

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