Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities: vsiting fellowship scheme

The BIH is once again looking for nominations for Visiting Fellows to come to the BIH for up to 3 months.  During their visit, the Fellow will receive a stipend of £1000 per month (£3000 for 3 months), will have the use of an office and will be expected to present an event –  a talk, lecture, seminar or organise or take part in a conference.  Nominations for Fellowships must be proposed by a member of the Birkbeck academic staff from one of the three participating Schools (Arts, Law & SSHP). The proposals will then be considered by the BIH Steering Committee who will select 3 Fellows – one from each School.

All proposals should be sent by the member of staff (not by the nominee) to Julia Eisner ( by Friday 8th May.