Urban challenges: the current crisis, big events and trajectories of local development

April, 16th – 22nd – Università di Milano Bicocca – Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli

Today cities face significant challenges. As places where an increasingly large majority of the population live, cities are troubled by increasing social heterogeneity and growing social and spatial inequalities; the economic crisis that hit particularly the industrialized countries starting in 2008 has proven to be long-lasting and to have produced dramatic social problems, particularly in cities. The economic, social and physical regeneration of cities is often based on the promotion of big events (Olympic Games, EXPO, European capital of culture, etc.) which have diverse and sometimes contradictory impacts on the host city.

This series of seminars will present and discuss some of the main issues facing cities as far as socio-economic development, governance and social cohesion are concerned, against the background of recent debates on social change and the dynamics and diversity of capitalism. Particular attention will be paid to the metropolitan area of Milan and to the impact of 2015 Expo on this urban area.

Speakers, among others: Enzo Mingione, Patrick Simon, Yuri Kazepov, David Benassi, Enrica Morlicchio, Susana Narotzky, Francesca Zajczyk, Mario Boffi, Paola Pucci, Antonella Bruzzese, Luciano Pilotti, Manuel Salgado, Alessandro Balducci, Maria Berrini, Luca Gaeta, Serena Vicari, Lavinia Bifulco

For information: marianna.dovidio [at] unimib.it