Act like a local – USE-IT Milan


For the Urbeur-ers, especially the incoming phd students to Milan, a very useful map has been just released: USE-IT Milan. Have a look at it on the dedicated website or facebook page. You can download an A4-version of the map, or better, you can find the closest location in town where to get a paper version of it.  An App is also available (for the moment, only for iPhones). All is free!

USE-IT stands for no-nonsense tourist information for young travelers. USE-IT maps are made by young locals, are not commercial, absolutely free, and up-to-date. The motto of the USE-IT network is “free maps for young travelers made by locals”. Every affiliated city (today, more than 40 around Europe) consists of an independent “urban team”, generally run by volunteers, who develops streetwise content about their city for the young tourists arriving to town. Have a look at the USE-IT website to find out more.

Your city may even be included in the USE-IT network, or you can USE-IT 😉 to have fun during your next city trip. Otherwise, you can even start your own!

USE-IT MIlan 2015 Edition