School segregation in European Cities International workshop

14 gennaio 2016, 14.00-18.30

Dastu Politecnico di Milano
Spazio Aperto Edificio 14 Nave

Education systems in many contemporary cities have been characterised by an increasing segmentation in the student population, which not only reflects the existing social and spatial differentiation in the urban population, but also inserts new forms of social segregation that are specifically related to strategies and choices in education. This phenomenon obstructs intergenerational upward social mobility and influences the general level of social cohesion in these cities.
The workshop will consider four different European cities in which the problems mentioned have been recently emerging and have been differently tackled by public policies at national and local level.

14.00 Exploring school segregation in European cities: lessons for Milan

14:00 Paris (Marco Oberti, SciencesPo)

15:00 London (Chris Hamnett, King’sCollege)

16:00 Coffee break

16:15 Amsterdam (Sako Mu sterd, University of Amsterdam)

17:15 Copenaghen (Hans Thor Andersen, Aalborg University)

18.15 Open discussion