HOW TO PLAN FOR INNOVATION? Views and Reflections from Northern European Cities



The lecture concentrates on the intersection between innovation policy and urban planning practice in Northern European cities. It will show how local governments around the Baltic Sea have perceived this link, and how they have tried to accelerate innovation activity through urban planning measures. Three categories are presented: innovation activity is either a target, a by-product or a resource of planning. Developing from this categorization, Sampo Ruoppila will derive both theoretical and strategic points regarding the link between urban planning and innovation activity.



Speaker: Sampo Ruoppila, University of Turku, Finland; Visiting Scholar at DASTU, Politecnico di Milano


Discussant: Carlo Salone, University of Turin


Dr Sampo Ruoppila (PhD in social and public policy from University of Helsinki) is a jointly-appointed Research Director at the University of Turku and the City of Turku, Finland (Turku Urban Research Programme). Dr Ruoppila is a specialist of urban policy and planning issues. Recently he has conducted research on technology enabled citizen participation to urban governance, and on culture-led urban development, especially temporary uses of urban space and properties as well as urban effects of the European Capital of Culture thematic year. Before joining University of Turku, he has worked as project director at public policy consultant company Net Effect Ltd, researcher at University of Helsinki, and project researcher at the City of Helsinki’s urban research office. Ruoppila has been a project director of numerous research and consultancy projects. He has more than 60 academic and professional publications.


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