A job market for young sociologists


A new initiative of the ECSR:

A job market for young sociologists


During the yearly ECSR general conference we will hold a special section titled “job market”. During this session PhD. candidates and post-docs who are on the job-market can have short and informal interviews with representatives of institutions or principal investigators of projects who might recruit in the close future. These interviews serve the purpose of allowing job market candidates and potential employers to meet and get to know each other. The first pilot “job market session” will take place at the ECSR 2016 conference in Oxford:




  1. Candidates on the job market sign up to this initiative by writing an email to: ecsrjobmarket@gmail.com

In the email they send a link to their homepage (academia, research gate etc,) ideally with a downloadable job-market paper and a short description of their thesis.  The list with names of job market candidates is published on the ECSR homepage.


  1. The institutions with prospective openings sign up by writing an email to:ecsrjobmarket@gmail.com and, in case, providing a link to the call or project description if available.

    3.Candidates and representative of the institutions with prospective openings can meet and have an informal interview during the yearly ECSR conference. In practical terms, the representative of the institutions with openings will contact in advance the candidates and arrange a short interview during job market session at the conference.