Summer School 2016 “My home is not for sale!” Rethinking Berlin’s Housing Question


International Summer School Metropolitan Studies

“My home is not for sale! Rethinking Berlin’s housing question”


 Georg-Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies (Berlin)

Berlin is considered to be a “tenants city” with relatively low cost housing options. However, recent developments show increasing foreign property investment and the sale of public property by the city. At the same time more and more activists arise to reclaim their right to the city and create new forms of collaborative cultures. The questions about affordable housing and alternative spaces away from a capitalist logic are central for contemporary Berlin and its development.

How do we want to live in the future? How can we create affordable living space on a long term? How do we provide opportunities for self-determination and new cooperative ways of living? Engaging with scholars, designers, architects, artists and activists the Summer School will discuss Berlin’s housing challenges and investigate new modes of transdisciplinary discourse and research.

The course is open to Master and PhD-Students from different fields who are interested in Metropolitan Studies. Deadline of application is July 15, or when participant quota is reached. You will receive a certificate and 4 ECTS credit points as well as a Transcript of Records with regular attendance (must be present 80% of the time) and active class participation. The language of the course is English. Course fee: 640.00 Euro.

Lecturer: Ms. Carolin Genz, M.A.

Carolin Genz is a Doctoral Fellow at the German National Academic Foundation (SDV). Her academic background is European Ethnology. She holds a master’s degree in Urban Cultures from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (2013). Her research focuses on the various aspects of social-spatial structures, practices of spatial production, appropriation of urban space, and urban social movements. Her research currently focuses on: “Urban Protest Movements: Upheaval of Civil Society? Ethnographical perspectives on the transformation of urban everyday life in Berlin and New York City.”

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