Conference: Critical Theory in the Humanities with Judith Butler. Date: 5-7 April, 2017. Place: Vrije Universtiteit Amsterdam.


Critical Theory in the Humanities: Resonances of the work of Judith Butler
From April 5-7, 2017, the interdisciplinary Research Institute for the Humanities CLUE+ at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam organises a three-day international conference on resonances of the work of the critical theorist and philosopher Judith Butler, who shall deliver a keynote address and participate in the conference.


– Vinod Subramaniam (Rector Magnificus VU Amsterdam),
– Amelia Jones (Robert A. Day Prof. of Art and Design, USC Los Angeles)
– Aagje Swinnen (Prof. International Humanism and the Art of Living, University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht)
– Adriana Cavarero (Prof. of Political Philosophy, University Verona)
– Iris van der Tuin (Assoc. Prof. Liberal Arts and Sciences, Utrecht University)
– Judith Butler (Maxine Elliot Prof. of Comparative Literature, University of California, Berkeley)
– Charlotte Witt (Prof. of Philosophy and Humanities, University of New Hampshire)
– Jacqueline Rose (Prof. of Humanities)

The aim of the conference is to increase awareness of the relevance of critical theory for the whole of the humanities and to promote interdisciplinary thinking. The breadth of Butlers work – touching upon questions of identity in philosophy, ethics, politics, religion, and the arts – can serve as a stepping stone for a fruitful intellectual exchange between the various disciplines.

In this spirit, the conference will be supplemented with a film programme. The conference will close with a performance programme at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

Date: 5-7 April, 2017
Place: Vrije Universtiteit Amsterdam

The conference is open for anyone interested to attend. For more information on the programme and on how to register, please visit our website: