Western capitalism in transition: Global forces and local challenges

evento 23

November, 23 2017

h 10.00 – 18.30
U12 (Auditorium Martinotti) Via Vizzola 5, Milano




Institutional welcome: Cristina Messa, Rector of the University of Milano-Bicocca and Giampaolo Nuvolati, Chair of the Sociology and Social Research Department. Introduction Alberta Andreotti, David Benassi, Yuri Kazepov (editors).

Michael Harloe: A child of its times: the “new urban sociology” in context and its legacy.

11.00-13.00 1st Session: CAPITALISM IN TRANSITION
– Chair: Ida Regalia, Discussant: Francesco Ramella and Serafino Negrelli
– S. Sassen: Deconstructing labour demand: implications for low wage employment

– S. Ghezzi: On the social (dis)embedding of the economy: where anthropology and sociology share analytical tools
– E. Mingione: The double movement and the perspectives of contemporary capitalism

12.45-14.00 Lunch break

14.00-16.00 2nd Session: CITIZENSHIP AND WELFARE
– Chair: M. Diani, Discussant: F. Quassoli and M.Magatti
– S. Body-Gendrot: Urban disorder and the transformation of global governance
– J.C. Barbier: The underclass and international comparison, variety and universalism
– L. Morris: Welfare migration and civic stratification: Britain’s emergent rights regime
– M. Garcia: Cities under economic austerity: the return of citizenship claims
– E. Pugliese: International migrations and the Mediterranean

16.00-16.30 coffee break

– Chair: S. Vicari, Discussant: A. Balducci and G. Nuvolati
– R. Sennett: The sense of touch
– P. Le Galès: Urban political economy beyond convergence: robust but differentiated unequal European cities
– M. Oberti and E. Preteceille: Urban segregation, inequalities and local welfare: the challenges of neoliberalisation
– E. Morlicchio: Urban poverty and social cohesion: lessons from Naples

For information: s.caiello@campus.unimib.it