Congratulations to Elena and Oscar!

On the 30th of April 2021, the PhD Candidates Elena Colli and Oscar Luigi Azzimonti, from the XXXIII cycle, have successfully defended their doctoral theses.

Elena’s thesis is titled “Towards a sustainable mobility transition? A cohort approach for Millennials and Baby Boomers in Europe” and its purpose is to understand if and how the Millennial generation is contributing to a transition towards more sustainable travel behaviours in Europe. The study uses a comparative approach on a cohort and territorial basis: the methods include secondary analysis of EU-wide datasets with descriptive, regression and geographic analysis, plus a series of focus groups carried out throughout the Italian territory.

Oscar discussed the thesis titled “Trajectories of greening. The distribution, generation and articulation of ecosystem services in the metropolitan areas of Milan and Brussels”. It looks at the socio-territorial distribution of green spaces and of some relevant ecosystem functions in two European metropolitan contexts. Furthermore, it investigates the governance of green planning and management and how it affects the forms of greening and the provision of ecosystem services.

Congratulations to Elena and Oscar on this important achievement!

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