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MULTIMEDIA David Harvey “Culture and the city: the challenge of tourism”

David Harvey’s Conference (L’ Alternativa 2016, Nov 14 2016)  

Green City The Essential Urban Sustanability Collection

Throughout 2015, Routledge is building a free article collection on the quintessential topics that surround ‘Urban Sustainability’, including urban planning, community development and transport. The Routledge “Green City” collection explores the ever-increasing need… Continue reading

Video: Interview in Bolivia. David Harvey, The Political Economy of Urbanization | Recife

Video: The Political Economy of Urbanization

The Neoliberal Crisis – an edited book by Jonathan Rutherford and Sally Davison

Edited by Jonathan Rutherford and Sally Davison © Soundings 2012 A collection of key Soundings contributions on the current financial crisis as a potential moment of rupture in the neoliberal regime. CONTENTS Stuart… Continue reading

video on Gentrification (I)

“Right to Wynwood”