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XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology.

Food production, distribution and consumption are “laboratories” for experimentation in social innovation. These innovations blur the lines between production


Iconic and branded architecture has been under the spotlight for quite sometimes now. Supporters and opponents of given aesthetics or styles heated the public debate, but in the end they all fostered the general trend of starchitecture.

Premio tesi di Laurea

Si veda sul sito della Camera dei deputati:   Delegazione italiana presso l’Assemblea parlamentare del Consiglio d’Europa   Premio per la migliore tesi di laurea magistrale e di dottorato sul tema del… Continue reading

More than snow-business: An anthropological exploration of snow-making and the control of the weather in the Austrian Alps

Herta Nöbauer Dept. of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Vienna Humans have been fascinated by snow across times and cultures. Its sensual appearance,transformative property and fundamental resource qualities in social and ecological… Continue reading

Space, Territory, Site and Buildings

Open seminar with Marco Cremaschi, professor in Urbanisme et Politiques Urbaines at SciencesPo, Paris. It will be held at the University of Milano Bicocca, as part of the Urbeur doctoral seminars, on 6 April 2017,… Continue reading

Urban Governance and the Future of European Citizenship

Open Seminar with Marisol Garcia, full professor of Sociology at the University of Barcelona. Organised as part of the Urbeur Programme, it will be held at the University of Milano Bicocca on 31… Continue reading