Main thematic areas

Cities, Territories and Policies

Study of changing citizenship and local welfare with emphasis on the territorial dimension of social policies, urban governance and social innovation; urban mobility and the relations with urban transformations; housing and social vulnerability

Methodology in Urban Studies

Focus on qualitative and quantitative methods in urban studies and techniques including Geographic Information System and spatial data, Big Data analysis and representation, visual research methods and approaches and ethnography

City and Culture

Analysis of cultural changes and differences in urban contexts with a focus on the creative city, immigration and diversity, art and urban spaces, feminist perspectives on urban encounters and flânerie in the contemporary metropolis

Inequality and the City

Focus on globalisation and impacts on urbanization processes, urban economies and development models, social inequalities, segregation and social division of urban spaces, urban poverty and regulation with special attention to European cities

Department of Sociology
and Social Research
University of Milano-Bicocca

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