3 postdoctoral positions (Deadline October, the 1st) at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

For those early career researchers, the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya is opening 3 postdoctoral positions (three years fixed contract) in all fields of research at UOC (see http://uoc.edu/portal/en/recerca-innovacio/index.html).

Within these areas, the Urban Transformation Research Group is happy to support/host applications from critical researcehrs working on: urban political economy, urban political ecology and other cognitive fields such as critical ICT studies or critical economic and political geography.

Those interested please email ASAP to Hug March hmarch@uoc.edu or rriberaf@uoc.edu

Deadline is October 1st.

Call for postdoctoral research fellowships at the UOC, for UOC study areas and institutes

Resolution of the Executive Committee, in session no. 1/12, December 2, 2013. As delegated by the Governing Council, the Committee has agreed upon this call for postdoctoral research fellowships, with the following CONDITIONS:

i. The program of postdoctoral research fellowships, UOC 2013, has as its objective the recognition of new researchers within existing UOC research groups. The new personnel will make it possible to expand the research teams of UOC research groups, as well as improve the quality and competitiveness of the R+D+Innovation being carried out.
ii. The program gives continuity to UOC grant programs for doctoral theses. Furthermore, this program complements other programs offering pre-doctoral and postdoctoral research fellowships and contracts, such as those of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science and of the Generalitat of Catalunya, with the added incentive that they are designed in consideration of the diversity and potential of the various existing research groups within our university.
iii. The awarding of these grants will be carried out in function of certain indicators demonstrating the scope and productivity of the various research areas of the UOC.
iv. The program will be carried out by means of a single call offering three postdoctoral grants.
v. This program is financed by the Fundació per a la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Foundation for the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, FUOC), drawing from the 2013 budgetary year.

The beneficiary of this program may be any researcher who has obtained a doctoral degree after January 1, 2007, and before the commencement date of the activity. Beneficiaries may include those who have obtained their doctoral degree after January 1, 2006, only if before the period of acceptance of the grant it can be demonstrated that the researcher in question has been on maternity leave, has been responsible for children under the age of six, or has been taking care of individuals with special needs of a physical, psychological or sensorial nature, or of a person or persons over the age of sixty-five‐years old, dependent upon the beneficiary and requiring special care.
Documentation to be presented

The period of presentation of solicitudes·and of the required accompanying documentation will be from July 30 to October 1, 2014.

Candidates are required to fill in the grant form and, once signed, to send it in digital format to the following email address: suport_admrecerca@uoc.edu. The following documents must be attached with the email solicitude:

• Identity card or passport.
• Curriculum Vitae.
• Copy of the official doctoral degree.
• A brief report on the research project to be carried out.

The solicitude will be considered complete once the candidate receives the mailed confirmation of the accepted request.


The selection of candidates will be carried out by the Research and Doctoral Commission. To assess the applications, the Committee will take into account the following criteria:

-60% of the total evaluation (6 points) will be based on the Curriculum Vitae and the research experience of the candidate. Call for postdoctoral research fellowships at the UOC
-40% (4 points), will be based on the scientific and technical quality of the proposal and its adaptability to the university’s strategic lines of research. Proposals must be within the following subject areas:
• Social Sciences
• Health Sciences
• Arts and Humanities
• Technology and Communication
The resolution of the selection of candidates considered for a grant will be made public before October 15, 2014. The notification will be done by means of an email sent to the email address indicated on the solicitude, and with the publication of the resolution on the UOC Research web. In a maximum of ten days after the resolution the beneficiary must proceed to formally accept the grant by means of a standardized document and the presentation of the corresponding documentation.

If those benefiting from the grant have not presented their acceptance documentation during the prescribed period as indicated in the previous section, it will be understood that they have renounced the grant.
Grant amount and form of payment

Awarding of the grant implies the formalization of a postdoctoral employment contract of one year, annually renewable to a maximum of three years, for a total of up to 30,000 Euros gross a year, taxable according to current legislation. The quantity will be paid in twelve monthly instalments by means of a bank transfer to the bank account provided by the beneficiary.

The beneficiary will benefit from all labour rights and those related to Social Security as derived from the contract signed with the FUOC.